Cars Racing

Cars Racing Free 1.02

Up to 8-player motor racing over Bluetooth


  • Up to 8 players over Bluetooth
  • Simple to play
  • Good fun


  • No single-player mode
  • Setup can be a cumbersome process

Not bad

Cars Racing allows you to go head-to-head with up to eight other players in a street race over Bluetooth.

In order to set up Cars Racing you need to set yourself to findable through the program's own menu (make sure you have Bluetooth switched on first), then you and your opponents can find each other by hitting the 'Find all players' option.

As soon as everyone is in, you're taken straight to the Cars Racing track where you all race each other. It's more like a game of survival as the object is to get as far as you can without hitting the obstacles (traffic cones, holes in the road, construction barriers). If you crash, you're out of the game.

The winner of a game in Cars Racing is the one who stays on the road the longest. The person with the most victories after 15 races is the overall winner.

The top-down graphics in Cars Racing aren't spectacular but they are quite cute, and have a feel of the original Grand Theft Auto game about them. Animation is poor, however, and you don't really get an impression of speed.

Although it can take a while to set up, Cars Racing is good fun to play and the simple controls mean that you can pick things up very quickly.

Although the design is crass, Cars Racing can be great fun to play, especially if there's a big crowd of you doing it.

Cars Racing


Cars Racing Free 1.02

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